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This week has been tiring. I started off with a trip to London on Monday to pick up some cells - so I went to London, then all the way up to Norwich and then did an hour and a half's worth of work then back home to Ipswich. And that was one day I didn't go to the gym (I didn't wanna lug my kit into London and out again, and I wasn't sure how late I'd be).

Tuesday was election crap^Wstuff. And I wrote about that already ...

Wednesday was the NME Awards Tour concert at Norwich. Ed and J managed not to get lost on the way to Norwich this time so we weren't too late (the constraint was that Ed couldn't leave work till 5:30). The Thrills had only just started - I thought they were quite good, but afterwards I couldn't remember how they sounded. Interpol were the next band, and were very cool ... not just image either (though that was pretty impressive), the music was also very good. Third were The Polyphonic Spree, who were fantastic. It was a very happy set, and there's no way to describe them that doesn't sound naff but it was fun. The Datsuns were last - I still like the stuff I liked already, but that's all they do, no variety. We left as the last chord was still hanging on to escape the queues out of the car park, and were still not home till gone half twelve.

Thursday I was a waste of space. I stayed awake on willpower and caffeine alone. Friday was a little better, having got nearly 8 hours sleep, but I still wasn't what I'd call 'alert'. But never mind ;) I still made it to the gym on Friday, for the first time in a week.

Today I've hit the shops :) I needed new trainers, coz my old pair are over 10 years old and beginning to fall to pieces. And as I was pottering around the shoe shops I also found a nice pair of shiny red boots - so I bought them :)

Tonight we'll be off out to Sonic Flower - it's the first one for a while. I think I might wear my new boots :) Though that affects what else I might wear so I have to think about it some more ...
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