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Having been poked and hassled a bit I thought I'd post a 'whee! I got a new computer' entry.

Whee! I got a new computer!


I took Friday off work, ostensibly to go to the Doctors, but I organised that appointment late enough that I could get computer stuff delivered, so ordered from Scan on Wednesday night. I've replaced everything of the guts but graphics and DVD drive, and got a new case coz mini cases are just too small. The bits I got were: Asus A7V8X-L DDR333 KT400 x8AGP with onboard LAN and sound (and other bits like USB but those two were what I cared about), Athlon XP 2400+ (and a coolermaster heatsink/fan, not the one bundled with the processor), 512Mb DDR333 RAM, a Western Digital 120Gb hard drive (the 8Mb cache one). And a black case (bundled with power supply) :) Yes, I know the picture linked to isn't black, but it's a black one of them.

There were a couple of snags in putting it together - no case fans in the case as supplied, which I'd naively assumed would be as J's case arrived with fans when we got it in a similar bundle. I set off towards PCWorld, but remembered in time that the LAN games place on the corner near Sainsburys (which I needed to walk past to get to the bus-stop for PCW) claimed to sell components. Mind you, when we'd gone in before and tried to buy a PSU they'd been a bit dumb, but the weekly staff seemed more clued up than the Saturday staff and when I asked for 2 80mm case fans I got them straight away and for half the price PCW had quoted me on the phone. (Wildings, our previous computer shop of choice in Ipswich, had a phone monkey who didn't know what a 'case fan' or 'chassis fan' or 'internal fan in a case for a PC' was, so they didn't get my business ;) ).

So, got back from that unscheduled shopping trip and started to put it together - thought I couldn't get the mobo to fit in the case, but by the time I'd returned from the docs J had figured out what was up and I sorted it out (the thingy for the ports wasn't pushed properly into the case, so the mobo was pushed slightly out of position).

All set up ... but we had to go out. It was fun where we went, so I didn't really begrudge it ;) Ed is hoping to start up Furry in Colchester, so took us along to the first night as part of his moral support (as well as his brother and the lass that normally does flyers and door in Ipswich). The club it was in (Fagin's Den) had loads more atmosphere than The Venue (not that that's hard) and it sold out :) (OK, it's quite small, but even so, it was the first night of the club and Fagin's Den apparently has a bad rep for having squaddies and fights, so that was quite surprising). So a successful experiment for Ed and the club management, and it seems like Furry will happen in Colchester on a regular basis too.

Anyway, back to the PC. When we surfaced on Saturday I got J to sanity check the connections and then booted up. And it worked. Straight off *beam* Still, not that surprising, it was the second go playing with 'modern' hardware (J's PC was the first, and I only had the floppy drive connected the wrong way (which is a real d'oh error) and I had to reseat the heatsink as I had too much goop in there). I put WinXP on when I got back from town (we did Saturday stuff, but less thereof as I wanted to get back to the machine, and anyway I felt like shit till I'd had a coffee and some food and some water).

And then we had to go out again - J's karate club were going for a curry. Which was fun ... though I still felt fairly cack, but that was coz I was coming down with a mild cold. My voice was a bit squeaky which meant I had to get J to order my drink in the restuarant coz I opened my mouth and nothing happened but a squeak *blush*. But it's better now, though still a little husky. In some ways I wish my throat hurt too, coz then I wouldn't get so surprised when I speak and my voice sounds wrong.

I spent Sunday doing windows updates, installing Office2k and a large selection of games ... and I've still only used up a quarter of my windows partition, which is a third of the disk. But that is more than the space I had for windows on the old PC. And then I played games :) Quake3 with all the settings on max, and the res at 1280x1024 runs faster than it did on the old PC with a fairly basic set of settings. *beam*

So far it only has windows on it, coz I knew which windows was going on, and I don't plan to use it for much except games and when I have to do PowerPoint presentations for work so the decision wasn't that important anyway. I've not quite decided which linux distro I'm putting on. Most recently I'd been using Slackware, but I think I'd rather go back to something with a graphical config tool. Yeah, I know I could do everything from the command line if I knew what I was doing, but I don't really, and I'd rather not spend ages asking J to help me work out how to set things up/sort things out. Before Slackware I was using SuSE, but the versions we have are quite old ... so I'd have to buy/borrow a more up-to-date one. And J's talking about moving all the machines over to debian in future, but that's more long term, and I'm not sure we want to 'play' with my machine.

So anyway, I'm sure that's more than anyone really wanted to know about my PC but it's kinda been my weekend.

And it's faster than J's and it runs cooler than J's and the case is much nicer looking. But he's got tech-envy anyway so I'll not dwell upon that ;)
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