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I don't know why I so rarely update this any more - I even think of things to say, but by the time I'm sat in front of the computer I just cba. So I don't.

The last three weekends have all been good for different reasons - the first was the Marillion fanclub convention, which rocked :) The concerts were good, the company was good, the beer was possibly somewhat more copious than was wise ;)

I spent the next couple of weeks detoxing and recovering - so the second weekend was good because it was relaxing. We didn't go out any of the evenings (despite there being 3 possible club nights to have gone to), we didn't drink anything, and we got some early nights. We also cleaned the house a bit, coz it more than needed it.

Of course this weekend has kinda undone all the good work of last weekend - for starters we went out on Thursday night which isn't entirely wise. We went to see an Elvis tribute band with Ed - he knew one of the people in the band so had some free tickets. It was kinda cool, and I'd not realised before how many songs that I liked were actually covers of Elvis songs. Friday night was Furry, and although I was a little too tired (and hence became somewhat grumpy after a few Newcastle Brown Ales) it was a fun evening :) Bruce entertained us by falling asleep ... but then he'd had a stressful day ;) Yesterday was partly spent recovering - also did some shopping (had to buy a leaving present for a colleague, tried to buy some jeans but my heart wasn't in it (I did buy some last weekend, and they're cool, but yesterday I went to River Island first and all their trousers are cut to display a flat stomach, and thus make it damn obvious how unflat mine is ;) which was a trifle offputting )). Cooked a really nice dinner, too ... I made Fried Beef with Chili from the Thai cookery book that my brother got me for Christmas, it was possibly a little hot, but very nice :)

Today we went up the the Duke of York, collecting Ed along the way, and got Sunday lunch. Then Bruce and J played Quake 3 Team Arena for a few hours before Bruce headed back to London.
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