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I'm somewhat bored as I'm up Far Too Damn Early awaiting the arrival of a new monitor for J, the closest to a time window for delivery that we have is 7am-6pm, probably today. So I'm the one that actually got my ass out of bed this morning to await it. Mind you, judging by gravilim's last entry I'm also the one that went to bed earliest by some considerable margin.

I'm also trying out an LJ client, just coz it's been installed on my machine by Dropline Gnome. Not sure there's an awful lot of point to these client thingies, tbh. I can type in a text box in my web browser, or I can type in a text box over here, same difference really.

The last week has been kinda busy - and alcoholic :) Rachel has been visiting, and we've Done Stuff™. So far we've done 4 out of the 5 (maybe 6) towns we're visiting (one will be repeated later), 1 out of the 3 clubs, and met 8 people of the spod variety not including me and J. And I'm only organising the english leg of the visit - Scotland is Someone Else's Problem.

It's been fun, but it's also been a bit like herding cats leading to me rather firmly wearing the cranky pants all day Wednesday and most of yesterday. Well, that and the fact that I think the alcohol is beginning to catch up with me, we've not had a dry day for the last week and I think my liver is crying. On that note - I saw a rather cool t-shirt I may buy sometime, slogan: The LIVER is EVIL and must be PUNISHED. I also rather liked "I'm not A BITCH, I'm THE BITCH and that's MS BITCH to you". The latter would work rather well for work, and for those herding cats situations ;)

So, what have we actually done? Thursday, J collected Rachel from the airport, and despite her having been up for god knows how long we went off to the pub (hey, she was hyper, not entirely my fault ;) ). Friday I had to work, but by the evening we had 8 people in the house and off we all went to Furry. Which was cool :) And I danced too much coz my neck ached for about 3 days afterwards in that "you can't fling 4 foot of hair around and expect to get away unscathed" sort of way ;) Saturday was post-Furry collapse, and pre-cat organisation. I got awoken at 10am by the phone ringing and the nice lady from Cats Protection ringing and saying that there was a cat we might like to visit to see if we wanted to adopt. We got a lift off marble and went to investigate and decided we would like to give the cat a home, so we're now almost pet owners, eep!

That's the first Ipswich bit, and the first 6 people (growf, jaq, narenek, <lj-not a user="molt"> (how many times can we use the same joke?), marble and sagima), and the first club.

Sunday, it was off to Cambridge, for another town, and another person (grahamb). We did the whole punting thing, and I freaked out about it (I'm not that keen on water, and it's been about 5 years since I last got in a punt). But beer afterwards made it all better ;) Dinner was in Pizza Express in 7a Jesus Lane, which is cool :)

Monday, and off to Oxford, so another town and a reprise of a spod (narenek). We stayed with my parents, and had dinner with them on Monday night. Tuesday we did the Oxford touristy thing - went to the University Museum of Natural History and the Pitt Rivers Museum, went and looked round Exeter College (it being my father's college, and where me and J got married). Browns for dinner in the evening, and we met up with Nar again for that. The Turf after, for drinks. And I fell down a step and took the knees out of a pair of tights (and gave myself some spectacular bruises).

Wednesday, and off to London - another town (to be reprised) and another spod (technoid), with a reprise of jaq. We went on the London Eye as our touristy thing of the day - which was cool, and much less freaky than either me or Rachel had expected. Despite the weather looking dodgy in the morning it cleared up and the view was fantastic. Afterwards we met Jaq for a drink, and dinner, before coming home to Ipswich to collapse.

Yesterday and today are lazier days - back in Ipswich, no great lists of people to meet or things to do. Pub last night, and madeira. And this morning we will hopefully become both cat-enabled and TFT monitor-enabled *grin*.

Of course, it's merely the calm in the eye of the storm. Tomorrow night is Rock City in Nottingham (another town, another club and Jaq returns once more), Sunday we recover and Monday Rachel heads off to the frozen north where percible and archieman takeover. We do get her back the following weekend though, for more London, more spods and more clubbing :)
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