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I'm not sure whether I should say that today got off to a good start or a bad start. I mean I got more sleep, but it wasn't intentional ... the alarm went off at 5:50 am like usual, and I'm must've woken up enough to switch on the bedside light coz when I woke up again at 6:35am it was on. Having got that 45 minutes extra sleep I was considerably less tired than I have been, so despite rolling into work half an hour late I probably got as much if not more done than usual.

I'd better not do that tomorrow though - coz the stuff I'm doing just takes time, so I can't help it by being more efficient.

About the only other excitement of the day was our hosting company losing power for the second time in a week ... it appears that replacing the stuff that broke last time wasn't high on their list of priorities ... for those that use snowplains/republic/other stuff on the server - Marble has made a community, sporgstatus that we'll use to tell you when stuff like that happens.

And now I'm sitting watching the cat watch his litter tray being emptied.
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